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Tracey qualified as an accredited coach in 2002 and attained PCC accreditation with the ICF in 2018; Tracey has been working with businesses to improve their performance ever since. Tracey is also trained in supporting businesses during the redundancy process and offers discreet and confidential counselling for those affected. She is also a certified NLP Business Practitioner. Tracey is a member of the ICF and ANLP. Find out how she has impacted organisations in Testimonials.

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Jersey Address- Top Floor, 20 Hill Street, St Helier.

Workshops: Introduction to Coaching Skills


As an industry expert, Tracey is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience, and encouraging everyone to add a 'coaching approach' to their tool-kit.

Her one-day introductory workshop can be adapted and delivered in-house, to meet the specific requirements of the business.

Feedback on 'Introduction to Coaching Skills for Managers and Team Leaders'
"Thank you for a brilliant and very useful day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have taken a lot from it. I found the course invaluable due to its content, but mostly thanks to Tracey who is an excellent trainer.
I cannot recall another course where 100% of delegates were engaged in the discussions! We had an intense, but well-paced and brilliantly structured day. The training was very interactive, which made the material and the new skills really sink in.
Tracey is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion for the subject is contagious and truly inspiring. Thank you so much. I can't wait to put all I've learnt into practice for my team's benefit."  Magdalena Stratford, Associate Director, Highvern
"Tracey's subject knowledge is excellent. 10 out of 10! The whole day was useful. I found that I already 'coach' in my daily role, but now recognise its power." Dave Donoghue, Seymour Hotels

"I wasn't sure what to expect from the 'Introduction to Coaching Skills' workshop, but thoroughly enjoyed the session and found it really useful to be able to use the skills we learnt during the day." Anne Marett, Seymour Hotels

"Tracey is able to bring the subject to life and helped me realise why I had been struggling to apply coaching in my role. Her communication skills are fabulous and she created a very safe place to experiment with trying new things." Karen Lysiak, Blue Islands

"I was quite cynical before the workshop, but Tracey won me over as the day went on. I will definitely be taking coaching skills back to use in my role." Danielle Wharton, Autism Jersey

"Tracey always delivers! Her coaching is authentic and insightful. The workshop was a hugely valuable introduction to the world of coaching that will help anyone improve how they work with people." June Stead, Jersey Business

"That was the most engaging and self-reflecting course I have been on in a long time! Tracey's passion for coaching makes the subject even more interesting. Thank you!" Helen Maletroit, Jersey Finance

"Tracey is clearly knowledgeable and experienced in coaching. The material is well explained and thought-provoking." Jamie Hillion, Zedra

"Tracey's workshop helped me to understand that coaching is more about listening than speaking."  Helen Munro, Channel Islands Co-Op

"Tracey's positive, upbeat delivery really enhanced this workshop." Lorraine McLean, Skipton

"I sense that this is only the beginning of what there is to learn about coaching. The workshop was really useful, especially the fact that we used real, current situations - not roleplay!!"  Ana Cengic, 365Tickets

"In just a few hours, I was given the tools to interact better and coach with staff, in a way that would benefit the individual. I left feeling confident that I could use these new tools." Chantelle Ward, 365Tickets

"Tracey is an excellent trainer: challenging, engaging and with a wealth of knowledge. She knows how to keep people entertained while learning. It was all very helpful and relevant to my workplace. I would love to attend further sessions with Tracey." William Hetherington, Randalls

"Tracey draws you in very quickly. Her workshop made me think about my approach to both staff and customers. I wouldn't change anything about it - it's been great!" Sue Egan, Randalls

"We had a Managers' Meeting today and the feedback on your Coaching Skills workshop was great.  All of them felt they really learnt a lot and can incorporate this into their daily work. They also thoroughly enjoyed the day, which is so important to hear. Thank you very much. I am really pleased that it went so well." Corinne Parrin-Marsh, Morvan Hotels

"Tracey's knowledge, communication skills and interaction with the group were great. 11 out of 10! Thank you." Dan Harris, the Surfyard

"I found this interactive workshop extremely beneficial, both personally and professionally. The content and delivery were excellent. Tracey engaged a diverse group of people who became closer over the course of the day, sharing valuable knowledge and experience, fears and worries." Gilly Glendewar

"The workshop was very interactive. Tracey is passionate about her subject and gives lots of practical examples. She challenged us with the exercises, but always gave us the right tools. She is a brilliant trainer. Very engaging, motivating and clear in her communication." Flavia Serafini

"Tracey has amazing subject knowledge and her interaction throughout the workshop was brilliant. I found the Dilts' Model, with tips on delivering feedback, particularly useful." Pam Stilwell

"The workshop was excellent and has given me the confidence to explore more about coaching." Michael Hampshire

"Tracey is a great trainer, who stays on track. I found it especially useful to learn that when coaching someone or a team, you have to give them the opportunity to solve their own issues." Kevin Herrick

"It was a superb, stimulating workshop which provided a safe and supportive environment to explore new skills, which are transferrable to my working role and personal life. I also loved the references for further reading. Thank you for a wonderful day. I would recommend it!" Gail Edwards, Jersey Hospice

"This workshop helped me more than I thoguht it would. It was excellent!" Chic McCabe

"The material was very interesting and well presented, and it was really useful to formalise what coaching is and isn't. Tracey challenged us to improve and embed our coaching skills in a supportive environment." Lyndsay Feltham

"Tracey is an excellent trainer: very knowledgeable and able to communicate clearly and with enthusiasm. I learnt a lot of real, practical things in these sessions." Craig Tostevin
"The course was brilliant. Tracey challenged us and pushed us out of our comfort zones in order to improve and demonstrate our understanding. Her lovely, fresh approach was great!" Marc Bryant

"Tracey offers a great balance of support and challenge, but without being rude. Her interaction with the group was awesome." Glynn Howell- Jackson

"Tracey is very positive and approachable, and makes sure everyone is engaged. The information is very interesting and well-structured. Thank you!" Monika Boroszewska

"Tracey has excellent subject knowledge and is really interesting to listen to, holding the attention of the group and keeping the content enjoyable." Liz Haywood

"Tracey shares her thorough knowledge of coaching, with good use of examples, exercises and humour."  Sarah Rayson

"The training was very good and really useful. It improved my confidence and highlighted the difference between coaching and mentoring." Manny Gomes

"I wouldn't change anything about this workshop. It was very informative and thought-provoking." Shirley Brossman

"The interaction, and the opportunity to coach and be coached, was really useful. It was a perfect workshop. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it." Derek Ruth, Jersey Hospice

"Tracey's fab workshop has given me new skills to put in my back pocket and use in practice." Karen Eloury, Jersey Hospice

"I really valued the interaction during the day. It was great to have an opporuntiy to coach and to get feedback, in a really friendly environment." Lilly le Vannais, Zedra

"Tracey is very knowledgeable on her subject and has a passion for coaching which is contagious." Fiona le Ber

"Tracey is an outstanding trainer." Dan Durell, Geomarine

"The 'Introduction to Coaching Skills' workshop was very enjoyable. Tracey is very knowledgeable and presented the material beautifully. I can definitely use these skills in everyday life." Louise Happer

"Tracey's workshop was involving and passionately delivered. Her explanations and enthusiasm really helped to explain the various do's and don'ts of effective communication within the workplace. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. She is an expert."
Oliver Day, Property and Construction Services Ltd, Guernsey

"Tracey is an excellent trainer and managed to cover a lot of relevant content in a short space of time." Lionel Gomes, Autism Jersey

"Tracey's knowledge and application of coaching is excellent. The tips and tools to start you on your coaching journey were really useful." Paula Hegarty

"This workshop was perfect. It helped me a lot and I will use what I learnt on a daily basis." Carlos Dias, the Salty Dog Bistro 

"I am now able to differentiate Coaching from Training and how to go about it. The diverse cross section of people from different industries was beneficial and enabled us to mix. We were able to use the same techniques and apply them to any situation/career/workplace." Ian Bratley

"It was an excellent workshop. It's the first time I have attended a course like this and I'm very much impressed. I will definitely benefit from it." Patrycja Sikora

"This was a very concise introduction to coaching, which whetted my appetite for more. It was excellent." Deb Macklin, Rivoli Jewellers

"I recently attended Tracey's 'Introduction to Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors' workshop. Her subject knowledge, support for us and her communication skills are all 10 out of 10. The overview of how negative language can affect individuals was really useful, and overall the workshop was excellent!" Sophie Watson, Jersey Choice

"The course content of this workshop was really relevant to me in my role. The subject matter was detailed and very well explained. I found it really useful to put the new coaching skills into practice, and my confidence grew as the day progressed." Mick Loughlin, Artizen Kitchens Ltd.

"The workshop was excellent. I particularly found the coaching demo at the start really useful, along with better understanding listening skills." Emma Machon, Cooper and Co.

"Tracey's workshop was really relevant to me and helped to develop my skills, benefitting me and my team. Tracey is a very good trainer: she made us feel comfortable, was understanding and willing to hear what people have to say. The coaching practice really helped my confidence a lot, and was backed up by really useful slides." Megan O'Reilly, Aqua Group

"I wouldn't change anything about this workshop. I'd give it 10 out of 10!" Tim Saunders

"This course was brilliant. The coaching practice was really helpful and the theory was really insightful and stimulating. It has really helped me in the workplace." Isaac O'Brien

"It was a great day. I have learnt so much and gained confidence in my coaching skills." Adam Lucchesi, Artizen Kitchens Ltd

"The workshop was very detailed and applicable to my industry and role. Tracey's communication is clear, concise and engaging." Fabien Amy

"Tracey's workshop on 'Coaching Skills for Team Leaders' was very relevant and useful to me in my role. She is very knowledgeable and shared experiences and real life examples to give context. I found elements of it challenging, but not stressful. Overall, it was a very useful and practical course." Emma Boydens, Social Security

"Tracey is clearly an expert in the subject of coaching. The material and content of her training was definitely relevant to me in my role, and also for self-development. She offered a good balance of support and challenge, and engaged the group." Matt Buesnel, Social Security

'Tracey's 'Coaching Skills for Managers' programme delivered above and beyond my expectations. I learnt a lot about myself, and my Values. I've had coaching training before ('Harvard') but this one tops it!' Christophe Ait-Elhad

'I really enjoyed this training. Tracey is clearly an excellent coach and really passionate about her subject. I'm really looking forward to developing my skills in this area. Thank you!' Sam Power

'Tracey's communciation skills are excellent. She made the course interesting and, at times, amusing. As a result, my confidence in my coaching skills has grown. The first 2 weeks were a little difficult. This week everything fell into place and the coaching model makes perfect sense! I will definitely use the skills I've learnt to improve my communication with colleagues and encourage solutions. Thank you!' Gill le Roux

'Tracey's interaction with delegates is excellent. She offers constructive feedback which is really beneficial.' Yvette Clarke

'Tracey's knowledge of her subject is excellent. She offered a good balance of Support and Challenge, and shared additional coaching tools with the more confident coaches, to develop them further. I felt that I grew in the training and that my personal coaching style has developed.' Shelley Regal

'Tracey is very approachable and very easy to open up to. I have never been on any coach training sessions before and I found this invaluable. Tracey shared great anecdotes and was always mindful of others, when sharing. The trainer made this course what it was! Thank you!' Alicia Monet

'I've learnt an awful lot from this course, not just about coaching, but also about how to get the best from communicating with others.' Ross Niewburg

'Tracey was very supportive, but also challenged us, without negativity. The training has given me more confidence and insight into coaching.' Janice Waddell  

"The course content and materials were very relevant to us in our roles. The balance between theory, discussion and practice was really useful." Melissa Slattery, BTW

"Tracey's Coaching Skills Training has been one of the most beneficial trainings I have had to date. Her input is excellent: she has great communication skills and an ability to connect with everyone, and was able to get others to connect with each other. This training is a must for anyone in a Team Leader role." Arran Paul, BTW

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the material was excellent." Jordan Rea, BTW


WORKSHOP AND COACHING COMBINATION: An Alternative to Training Programmes for Managers and Team Leaders

Given the current economic climate, it's more important than ever that you get the best possible return on your training investment.

Tracey has devised a unique programme, combining ¨in house¨ team workshops, looking at essential 'soft skills' for managers (but tailored to the specific needs of the organisation) with one-to-one coaching discussions for each delegate to follow up on any matters arising from the workshop and devise a personalised action plan to reinforce sustainable changes. Delegates are usually at Management level, but in smaller organisations, whole teams (including managers) have attended and reported concrete benefits.

Feedback has been unanimously positive. For further examples, please visit the ¨Testimonials¨ page.

"Being part of a management team that had recently grown considerably, it was gratifying that our Directors invested in an afternoon out of the office so that we could explore our group dynamic and have frank discussions about motivating our teams. Tracey kept us focused, engaged (and often amused) throughout what, if we followed more traditional 'management training' could otherwise have been a long afternoon. Following this group session, which I found very enlightening, I was offered a one to one session with Tracey.

On a personal level it was so helpful to remove myself from the workplace for just an hour and speak to someone who could focus my perceived worries and help me to find positive changes by using excellent coaching techniques. Tracey was very welcoming and put me at my ease immediately, which resulted in me vocalising thoughts that were causing me concern and which I had not really acknowledged previously. Tracey guided me to reach conclusions as to how I could stop these concerns affecting my behaviour and impacting on others around me. By helping me to arrive at the positive changes I thought needed to be made, rather than simply telling me what I needed to do, Tracey enabled me to commit more fully to the process.

I left the session with a better understanding of how my behaviour can influence both my own team and other colleagues, and would recommend Tracey's coaching methods whole heartedly.'       Claire Kelly, Basel Trust