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Tracey qualified as an accredited coach in 2002 and attained PCC accreditation with the ICF in 2018; Tracey has been working with businesses to improve their performance ever since. Tracey is also trained in supporting businesses during the redundancy process and offers discreet and confidential counselling for those affected. She is also a certified NLP Business Practitioner. Tracey is a member of the ICF and ANLP. Find out how she has impacted organisations in Testimonials.

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Contact Tracey on:
Tel:+ 44 (0)1534 629479
Jersey Address- Top Floor, 20 Hill Street, St Helier.

Welcome to C. I. E. Coaching

Tracey has resumed face-to-face meetings, in line with Government recommendations and also continues to deliver high-impact, 1-to-1 coaching via Zoom Pro and Teams. See 'What Clients Say..' for recent, named testimonials

CIEC  was founded in 2004 by Tracey Turmel, PCC, to meet the demand for local, accredited coaches and is the only organisation in Jersey (Channel Islands) specializing in coaching for directors, senior managers and business owners, as well as teams.

She is a member of the industry-leading International Coaching Federation (ICF) and was awarded PCC level in 2018, joining a group of only around 400 coaches in the UK who are qualified at Professional Certified Coach level.

Her office, which is designed specifically to offer a discrete and welcoming coaching environment, is at 20 Hill Street, in the heart of St Helier. She also works remotely with clients further afield.

Although based in Jersey, Tracey loves travelling and is proud to have worked in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Cananda and far!

CIEC is driven by core values: Clarity, Integrity, Empowerment and Challenge.
Clients include key employees within a diverse range of organizations and sectors. Coaching programmes are specially designed to meet the individual demands of each client, through extensive collaboration during the early stages of the coaching relationship.

Although each coaching client and context is unique, themes often recur when dealing with management and leadership skills, and Tracey frequently coaches around issues such as communication, motivation, work-place relationships and confidence: all areas which traditional training typically fails to impact, yet which are vital, if people, and therefore businesses, are to perform to their optimum.

Key to professional development is the ability to invite and respond positively to feedback. 
As a powerful alternative to the traditional 360, Tracey has designed a bespoke 'Stakeholder Feedback Exercise', which is invaluable in raising self-awareness levels among senior managers and leaders. The resulting feedback is integrated into the individual's coaching programme, thereby increasing the liklihood of positive, sustainable change.

Tracey's clients often report decreased stress-levels, as coaching encourages them to take responsibility for their situation, and offers strategies for making changes, with significant results, not only for the individual client, but also for their direct reports.

By supporting key individuals, and teams, through coaching, to 'up their game', the organisation benefits too. Throughout the process, the stakeholder expectations are revisited, to ensure ROI.

She has also recently devised a series of in-house workshops covering 'Coaching Skills for Managers' which has received incredibly positive feedback.

Tracey has a Degree in Education and has spent her entire adult (and student!) life involved in personal and professional development. She is passionate about collaborating with clients in order to design interventions that meet the specific needs of the business and prides herself on her insightful contribution at the planning stage of any intervention, ensuring that the 'real' issue  / development need is addressed. So, if the 'right' course (relating to people in the workplace) doesn't seem to exist, please do get in touch! An exciting journey awaits!