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Tracey qualified as an accredited coach in 2002 and attained PCC accreditation with the ICF in 2018; Tracey has been working with businesses to improve their performance ever since. Tracey is also trained in supporting businesses during the redundancy process and offers discreet and confidential counselling for those affected. She is also a certified NLP Business Practitioner. Tracey is a member of the ICF and ANLP. Find out how she has impacted organisations in Testimonials.

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Tel:+ 44 (0)1534 629479
Jersey Address- Top Floor, 20 Hill Street, St Helier.

Stakeholder Feedback Exercises


Disappointed with the impact your annual '360 Feedback' process delivers? Then Tracey's unique and bespoke alternative approach may well be the answer. 

"I have just been through one of Tracey's 'Stakeholder Feedback Exercises' and cannot recommend it highly enough. She manages the whole process brilliantly: she introduced the format very clearly and allowed discussion around the choice of contributors, to ensure maximum insight. She explained the requirements and related time-frames and communicated clearly with all parties, throughout the feedback-gathering process, which consists of mini-interviews. During the coaching discussion, when I recieved the feedback, Tracey enabled me to focus on things differently, including the developmental areas. She is sooooo good at asking exactly the right question at exactly the right time. She is brilliant at getting you to think in a different way, thereby identifying new behaviours to develop, in order to move forward. Having a follow-up session to check on commitments is really beneficial too. Overall, it has been a really valuable experience, which I would recommend for anyone." Matt Planterose, Security and Compliance Officer, Calligo

"Tracey has worked with us at Romerils for a number of years now in many areas of our business, but primarily developing our management and leadership structure and skills. She has a fantastic ability to quickly understand our objectives and design training to meet our needs. Whether delivering workshops on staff motivation and engagement, or working 1-to-1, Tracey's ability to communicate, present and coach people is to be admired and benefited from. As a result, she is now a strategic partner of ours. 

Most recently our whole management team, including Executive Directors, undertook her 'Stakeholder Feedback Exercise', which was both enjoyable and most importantly, resulted in Romerils having a stronger Management team, operating at  a higher level of efficiency. Once again Tracey, a genuine 'thank you very much' for your help." Steve Jewell, MD, Romerils

"The whole process, throughout the feedback exercise, has been very positive. It's all about personal improvement, enabling me to do something about both my strengths and my weaknesses. I'd go as far as to say that Tracey brings a lot to the process. Her professionalism, character and demeanour enhanced my willingness to fully engage in the process."    Tim Ross-Gower


Tracey is also an experienced career coach, working with individuals to identify long-term career goals, and future development needs. Coaching is also highly effective in supporting career transitions, such as the step-up to partnership. Much of her work is with newly appointed Senior Managers, who frequently feel neglected and isolated in terms of preparation and / or training for their new role.

Through coaching she is also able to assist with preparation for interviews, dealing with nerves and enhancing communication, giving candidates the best chance of success.

"I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough! 

I have just completed three sessions with Tracey and immeditately she put me at ease with her lovely friendly personality and made me feel very welcome.  I was impressed with how highly professional and skilled Tracey is in her field of Career Coaching.  She's a great listener and is really enthusiastic to help.

I had requested the sessions with Tracey on the strong recommendation of a friend who saw her a few years ago.  I am so glad that I did, as I was really floundering in my life / career and could not make a decision one way or another.  I totally understood long before I met Tracey that a Coach is not there to give advice - or to tell you what to do - but that they are there to enable you to reach your own decisions.  With Tracey this is done in a fun and structured manner and is certainly very thought-provoking!

I have always had wonderful friends to talk to and discuss my life / career with, but I felt I had got to the point where I needed some professional direction. 

It was also great to speak with someone 'neutral' who really wants to make sure that you explore all your options, make your own decisions and are happy with them.  Whilst some of the challenges / questions Tracey put to me were 'hard-hitting' this was great because friends and family are often too close to be able to make you think in such a different way.

I found myself questioning things such as my beliefs and values and this really made me think outside my own little 'comfort zone' (not just during the sessions, but as I went about my daily life too).  I became more 'aware' of myself and 'what makes me tick'.

I feel I have gained a wonderful insight, clarity and new perspective on my life, and am able to research my life / career options with all the right tools now to help me reach MY GOAL.

Thank you millions Tracey and wishing you every continued success!" 

                                                                          Janet Dunne (RIP)  

" I can honestly say that the strategies and techniques Tracey has taught me to use in various situations have completely changed my whole view and approach, not only to work, in my new role as Manager at JPL, but to life in general. Her methods are very clear, and the way she relates the models to your own personal experiences makes them easy to implement. Tracey's enthusiasm to support you achieving your goals is a huge part of the success of her coaching."  Matt Carr

"In my new role as manager of a technical team, Tracey really helped me with my communication skills. Using her specialised coaching techniques, I found a new sense of confidence which I could use both with clients and colleagues. Tracey is a fantastic listener. She always has really useful tools and offers great gems of advice, where appropriate. I'd certainly recommend her to anyone who feels pressure, within the hectic nature of the business world." Gilly Challinor

"I would definitely recommend Tracey to anyone in this situation. Even after the first session, I felt calmer and more positive about my prospects for the future. She gets to the root of the problem, whether it's to do with being happy in your job, or looking for work. Using different techniques, she explored my individual needs, rather than telling me what she thought I should do. The results were amazing."    Paul, Senior Operations Administrator, Invesco

She also works with private clients, to review their career options, and is qualified to use cutting-edge profiling techniques, which look at motivation and working traits, thus raising client's self awareness regarding the suitability of potential posts. In August 2009 Tracey travelled to Berlin for a week long, final assessment in LAB profiling, a unique tool which looks at the link between Language, Behaviour and Motivation in the workplace. She was awarded the Advanced Business Applications Certificate in LAB Profiling, which adds value to her coaching and career counselling clients.

"The career coaching session with Tracey allowed me to assess my situation and resulted in me changing jobs. The coaching process highlighted my priorities and allowed me to see a clear path by which I could reach my objectives.I now feel like a different person: so much happier and more confident. I would highly recommend Tracey. She is a supportive and approachable career coach who has a very personable demeanour."  Georgina Jeffries

"I just wanted to let you know I got my Bikram Yoga qualification in Los Angeles and I've just started teaching in a beautiful place outside Brisbane! I'm happy and enjoying myself and my work! I want to thank you again for helping me make the many changes in my life, ones that I was too scared to face alone and ones that I always dreamed of making. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you Tracey"  Lisa Miller, Personal Trainer, ex-Fitness First
MANAGING REDUNDANCIES: Tracey is specially trained in career counselling during outplacement projects, working in collaboration, where relevant, with Fairplace, the UK's leading career management specialists. She is able to offer confidential and discreet counselling, to enable clients to deal with the range of emotions involved in redundancy, as well as devising strategies for moving on.

"I would definitely recommend Tracey to anyone in this situation. Even after the first session, I felt calmer and more positive about my prospects for the future. She gets to the root of the problem, whether it's to do with being happy in your job, or looking for work. Using different techniques, she explored my individual needs, rather than telling me what she thought I should do. The results were amazing."    Paul, Senior Operations Administrator, Invesco