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Tracey qualified as an accredited coach in 2002 and attained PCC accreditation with the ICF in 2018; Tracey has been working with businesses to improve their performance ever since. Tracey is also trained in supporting businesses during the redundancy process and offers discreet and confidential counselling for those affected. She is also a certified NLP Business Practitioner. Tracey is a member of the ICF and ANLP. Find out how she has impacted organisations in Testimonials.

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Jersey Address- Top Floor, 20 Hill Street, St Helier.

Unique Training for Senior Managers: Workshop and Coaching Combination

With 20 years of experience in coaching senior and newly appointed managers in a wide range of businesses, Tracey Turmel has designed a unique programme aimed at increasing self-awareness and capability around key themes which frequently get in the way of managers operating to their full potential. These workshops are delivered 'in-house' and can be adapted to meet the demands of the business / industry.

Part 1 Workshop:

The programme begins with of a "Self-Audit for Senior Managers" Workshop which allows individuals to reflect on their current performance in key "soft skills" which are essential in highly effective senior managers. Topics explored include:

• High Quality Feeedback
• Inspiring, Motivating and Developing the Team 
• Clarity and Effectiveness of Communication
• Getting Results / Managing Performance
• Relationships
• Delegation / Managing  Workload and Time 

NB These criteria can be tailored to suit the culture and specific objectives of the client organisation, in order to be of maximum benefit to the business.

The workshop guarantees self-evaluation and leads to discussion around alternative approaches and behaviours. Tracey's style encourages taking responsibility and all delegates leave the workshop committed to doing a number of things differently, in order to increase their management capability.

Part 2: Individual Coaching

Following on from the workshop, each delegate engages in a programme of 1 to 1, high-impact coaching, to address individual needs and encourage long term, sustainable change. These individual discussions are diarized to suit the delegate and take place at the CIEC office, just off the Royal Square at 20 Hill Street.

Feedback on this unique combination of workshop and coaching has been unanimously positive. See testimonials