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Tracey qualified as an accredited coach in 2002 and attained PCC accreditation with the ICF in 2018; Tracey has been working with businesses to improve their performance ever since. Tracey is also trained in supporting businesses during the redundancy process and offers discreet and confidential counselling for those affected. She is also a certified NLP Business Practitioner. Tracey is a member of the ICF and ANLP. Find out how she has impacted organisations in Testimonials.

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Tel:+ 44 (0)1534 629479
Jersey Address- Top Floor, 20 Hill Street, St Helier.

What clients have said about coaching with Tracey....

NEW March 2023 Team Workshop to Encourage Collaboration

Tracey recently facilitated a team coaching event for G4S in Guernsey. By offering a balance of Support and Challenge and using techniques from 'Generative Dialogue', the team explored better ways of working together and deepened their understanding of one another. The feedback was unanymously positive.

"The Concentric Circles exercise was really useful!"
Liam Taylor
"I wouldn't change anything about Tracey's workshop. It was really good for everyone to be listening without interruption."
Kenneth Cramb
"The session provided lots of food for thought. The Concentric Circles exercise was useful and made it easier to speak up without a debate."
Ellie T.
"Everything about this session was useful. Tracey is a great coach and facilitator."
Mark Falla


March 2023 'Panning for Gold: the importance of inviting feedback'

"I attended Tracey's presentation on the importance of inviting and receiving feedback, as a manager, titled 'Panning for Gold'. The session was really thought-provoking, very enjoyable and engaging. I left feeling motivated to actively seek feedback."
Helena Mangan
"Tracey's session on feedback was really useful. It allowed me time and space to reflect on the importance of feedback in my new role. The only thing I'd change would be to allow more time to spend on this important subject."
Nicola de Jesus
"Tracey's 'Panning for Gold' presentation was really useful. Her anecdotes, models and tips on how to reframe things to look at them differently, provided lots of food for thought and motivation to do things differently." 
Sophie le Sueur
"The various models Tracey shared, and her experience as a coach, made this a really useful session. I wouldn't change anything. It was enjoyable and at a good pace."
Jane Egre
"It was an amazing workshop! I came away with lots of ideas on how to improve." 
Sofia Silva
"Tracey's 'Panning for Gold' session was really useful. I particularly valued the reminder about the importance of self-awareness, and the need to find balance. Also, the importance of listening and pausing." 
Bob Pallot

"Tracey recently facilitated our company off-site, for the 2nd time. I found it helpful to see how the company has progressed over a couple of years. Hearing my colleagues' and the Directors' views on the company and its values was very insightful. Also, being encouraged to get valuable points across and seeing the direction of the company, helps build morale. 
I had to attend via Zoom but feel the workshop set up was fine-tuned to get people feeling comfortable and engaged, right off the bat. I appreciated the extra effort Tracey put in to help me get my points across and how she kept checking to see if I was understanding 
the tasks set and what was going on inside the physical workshop space."
 Richard Abel, SunWorks, Feb 2023

"I believe the part of the sesison where we looked at Values was super helpful to put us all on the same page and increased motivation, engagement and passion. I wouldn't change anything about the workshop. It was very engaging and makes you think differently, with different perspectives! It was great!"         
James Wall, SunWorks, Feb 2023

"Before coaching with Tracey, I was quite stubborn and thought I was programmed to do things one way. But Tracey has challenged my thinking and my approach, which has been key! I now challenge myself to approach things differently, and am also taking more of a 'coach approach' with my team. It's made me more productive, focussed and more organised. 
The 'hierarchy of criteria/ values' exercise at the start of our work together was a real turning point for me. It made a lot of sense. I have to say that I found it very easy to trust Tracey, very quickly, which is unusual for me. She is genuine and that's really important.
At a senior level, we have all been talking about direction more, which is really helping the business, so it's definitely been a wothwhile investment.
Tracey's work really is a bit of 'mind-magic'…... I'm not sure how it works but it does!"
Stuart Mayor, G4S Secure Solutions (Guernsey)

"Tracey facilitated an SLT offsite for us, which was excellent. She provided a safe space, which allowed for honest and open conversation that, crucially, led to a clear set of deliverables. As a first step, it was pitched exactly as needed and engaged the whole team, who all came away feeling positive about the way forward." 

Simon Haywood,   CI Managing Director,   G4S Secure Solutions (UK&I) 

"I have worked, and continue to work with Tracey on a variety of work and life challenges: from frustration and anxiety through to delegation, personal performance and reflection. 
Tracey has a unique, genuine ability and a relaxed style that supports you to achieve real outcomes that you can implement in your day-to-day life whether at work or at home. 
Tracey's focus on a "sense of purpose" has made a significant difference to how I tackle and approach everyday work and personal challenges"
Simon Haywood,  CI Managing Director,  G4S Secure Solutions (UK&I)

"We chose Tracey to help us give some structure to our 'out of office' strategy day, intended to provide the opportunity for all staff to give their input to the future direction of the company.  Whilst this is a liberating experience, it can easily turn into a talking shop, with everyone struggling to remember the good ideas among the rest.  Tracey was a great choice as facilitator. By the end of our day together, everyone had felt included, we had voted on the best ideas and had a volunteer to take each one forward.  It was a really worthwhile day!"  

Ian Brandon, Director, SunWorks  

"I participated in a great coaching call with Tracey this morning. The hour absolutely flew by, as she coached me to open my mind to reflect on managing the fast-moving, ever-growing information streams regarding COVID-19. We also explored how we can look at innovative ways to survive these unprecedented times. Thank you, Tracey. I look forward to our next coaching session!"

Mark Falla, Director at G4S Guernsey

"If I had to describe Tracey's training in just one word, it would be "Outstanding".  Her style was superb. Using her technique of support and challenge, the team was able to respond to her diligently. They were also able to grasp the concepts taught and apply them. Tracey was also flexible in her approach, which allowed us to optimize the training which was a real success. Thank you, Tracey, for supporting us. Great job!" 
Stacey J O'Brien, Managing Director, Butterfield Bank, Mauritius 

"Tracey has worked with us at Romerils on a number of projects. She has a fantastic ability to quickly understand our objectives, and structure training and coaching to meet these. From delivering workshops on staff motivation and engagement to our management team, to 1-to-1 coaching, Tracey's ability to communicate, present and coach people is to be admired and benefited from. A genuine thank you for your help, Tracey."

Steve Jewell, MD, Romerils

"Tracey's workshop was involving and passionately delivered. Her explanations and enthusiasm really helped to explain the various do's and don'ts of effective communication within the workplace. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. She is an expert."
Oliver Day, Property and Construction Services Ltd, Guernsey

"Thank you, Tracey. You and your coaching skills are the reason I am doing so well in my management role. Fantastic inspiration and techniques which work a treat."
Des Brady, Department Manager, Romerils 

"Tracey facilitated a board and senior officers away day for Jersey Sport.  Tracey was great to work with throughout the planning and delivery phases and worked hard to build a background on the organisation, the individuals involved in the day and the goal we wanted to achieve.  She designed the day to make us think strategically and balanced the day well, giving us enough space to be creative but also making sure we stayed on task and focused on our goal.  I would recommend Tracey for similar events."

Catriona McAllister,  Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Sport

"I didn't think I had any burning issues to talk about in today's coaching conversation, but Tracey always manages to find that, actually, there is something! I came away with a change in my beliefs: ammunition for me, to help my delvelopment and take a step towards my goal. Tracey's coaching is supporting me to become the person I'm striving to be." Darren McCue, Triton

"We always have such fantastic feedback from our colleagues who attend Tracey's training sessions. She is a true expert within her field. Tracey always strikes the perfect balance of delivering informative theory with engaging interaction, encouraging every delegate to get involved and think outside the box. Thank you, Tracey- it is always a pleasure to work with you." 

Kim Royle, HR Manager, Romerils


"Tracey's subject knowledge is very strong, which she shares in a clear and engaging way, allowing everyone to be involved." Stan Fisher, JP Restaurants

"That was the most engagaing and self-reflecting course I have been on in a long time! Tracey's passion for coaching makes the subject interesting. Thank you!" Helen Maletroit, Jersey Finance

"Tracey is clearly knowledgeable and experienced in coaching. The material is well explained and thought-provoking." Jamie Hillion, Zedra

"Tracey's energy is amazing. Thank you for an excellent course." Sandro Moniz, Longueville Manor

"Tracey is an excellent trainer: challenging, engaging and with a wealth of knowledge. She knows how to keep people entertained while learning. It was all very helpful and relevant to my workplace. I would love to attend further sessions with Tracey." William Hetherington, Randalls

"Thank you for a brilliant and very useful day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have taken a lot from it. I found the course invaluable due to its content, but mostly thanks to Tracey who is an excellent trainer. I cannot recall another course where 100% of delegates were engaged in the discussions! We had an intense, but well-paced and brilliantly structured day. The training was very interactive, which made the material and the new skills really sink in. Tracey is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion for the subject is contagious and truly inspiring. Thank you so much. I can't wait to put all I've learnt into practice for my team's benefit."   Magdalena Stratford, Associate Director, Highvern 

"Tracey draws you in very quickly. Her workshop made me think about my approach to both staff and customers. I wouldn't change anything about it - it's been great!" Sue Egan, Randalls

"I was lucky enough to engage in a coaching and mentoring course with Tracey when I was an advisor and the tools I was able to take away were priceless. I was given a whole new perspective on how to support my clients and had my eyes opened to skills I thought I was good at and how much better I could be. As a result my clients gained so much more from our meetings and my levels of achievement and job satisfaction increased with every client success. I still use tools learned daily and can reflect on the use of my support with far more insight now. Thank you!"  Vicky Trehorel, Back to Work Recruitment Officer at States of Jersey

"Tracey's workshops made my mind move!" Dawid Roszczenko, Romerils

 Additional Feedback

"Tracey, a huge thank you from my team. You were right about the leap of faith required to do this exercise but I'm pleased we did! There is already more trust within the team and an action plan! A great first step - thank you again." Ross Youngs, Head of Client Development, at BNP Paribas Securities Services

"I would definitely recommend coaching with Tracey as it's been really beneficial. I like how she picks up on everything, even the little things, like phrases I use and gestures I make which I wasn't aware of, and that's been really useful. Her probing questions have made me think about things differently, explore new ideas and make changes. There has been an additional benefit in that I have been able to impliment some of what Tracey has done for me, with my team. Also, it's useful that Tracey is independant." Julie Mullane, Spoor and Fisher

"It is a blessing that Tracey came to Mauritius. She made us realise how we can improve in many ways and get out of our comfort zone and be a winner in life." Osman Dolip, Mauritius

"I have attended 2 group sessions and had 2 individual coaching discussions with Tracey. I feel I have taken in a lot of positive information in each one. More sessions would be much appreciated." Abdool Jhumka, Director, Mauritius

"As well as being useful, I really enjoyed our coaching discussions and genuinely felt the benefit of the 'Support v Challenge' approach. Tracey's bespoke Stakeholder Feedback Exercise was invaluable, in getting honest feedback from peers. As a result, I have made a number of changes and the results have been noticed!" Mark Herridge, Chief Cloud Operations Officer, Calligo    

In-house Workshops: Coaching Skills for Managers and Team Leaders

"Tracey's 'Coaching Skills for Managers' training has been one of the best programmes we've delivered for our Team Leaders. The feedback has been excellent and the results are tangible!" Gary Millns, Social Security, States of Jersey

"I really enjoyed this training. Tracey is clearly an excellent coach and is really passionate about her subject. I'm really looking forward to developing my skills in this area. Thank you!" Sam Power

"Tracey's 'Coaching Skills for Managers' programme delivered above and beyond my expectations. I learnt a lot about myself, and my Values. I've had coaching training before ('Harvard') but this one tops it!" Christophe Ait-Elhad

"Tracey's knowledge of her subject is excellent. She offered a good balance of Support and Challenge, and shared additional coaching tools with the more confident coaches, to develop them further. I felt that I grew in the training and that my personal coaching style has developed." Shelley Regal

"Tracey's subject knowledge is excellent and she got the balance between Support and Challenge just right. She is a really engaging trainer, who was energetic and kept everyone 'in the room'." Dave Auffret

"The material and content of this course was very relevant to my role. The nice, fast pace was refreshing! All of the sessions were insightful: both for learning to be a better coach, but also in being coached. I definitely have a lot to take back to my team!" Tracy Duncan

"The course was very good and the content was useful. It was a good mix of theory and practical." Craig Honey

Feedback on Individual Coaching Programmes

"Tracey enables her clients to open up and be very honest in professional discussions, whcih results in better ways of working. Coaching wiht Tracey has been very useful and i would definitely recommend her." Tim Hubert, MD, Victor Hugo Ltd

"Tracey is great at understanding people and getting the best out of circumstances. I would fully recomend Tracey for any staff development or team harmony / support services." Mark Palfry, Director, Garenne Group

"My lack of familiarity with coaching made me a bit sceptical going into this, but it's been a very positive experience which I've got great value from. I would certainly recommend coaching with Tracey to anyone who would welcome an opportunity to evaluate their performance and raise their self-awareness: she is very easy to work with but also very professional. She is good at probing and making you think. Her office in the centre of St Helier is a very calming environment which encourages open dialogue and reflection." IT Director

"As the only female on our board, I had been unsure as to whether my voice was really being heard. Coaching with Tracey has given me new tools. There have been real benefits: for example, people asking my opinion or referencing me at high-level discussions, which are really positive outcomes."      Anon

"Working with Tracey has been really good! It's helped me to step out of my 'Julie Settle' box and get an outside perspective. As a result, I am more focussed, more efficient in the office and more prepared to ask myself important questions eg "Why am I doing that?" I now think things through a lot more, which leads to better preparation and a clearer idea of what I want to achieve. I would definitely recommend working with Tracey, especially if you are a sole trader / self-employed and don't have the luxury of a support team. "                  Julie Settle, the Event Company

"I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough! I requested the sessions with Tracey on the strong recommendation of a friend and I am so glad that I did.  I understood that a Coach is not there to give advice - or to tell you what to do - but to enable you to reach your own decisions.  With Tracey this is done in a fun and structured manner and is certainly very thought-provoking!

It was great to speak with someone 'neutral' who really wants to make sure that you explore all your options, make your own decisions and are happy with them.  Whilst some of the challenges / questions Tracey put to me were 'hard-hitting' this was great because friends and family are often too close to be able to make you think in such a different way.

I found myself questioning things such as my beliefs and values and this really made me think outside my own little 'comfort zone' (not just during the sessions, but as I went about my daily life too).  I became more 'aware' of myself and 'what makes me tick'.

I feel I have gained a wonderful insight, clarity and new perspective on my life, and am now able to research my options with all the right tools to help me reach MY GOAL.

Thank you Tracey."        Janet Dunne RIP, February 2014

"I have found the coaching sessions with Tracey very beneficial. In being encouraged to reassess the way in which I handle my workload and interact with my colleagues, I have regained focus and am more willing to delegate. As a result, I have more time for creative thinking, which enables me to meet business challenges in a more robust and dynamic way."                      Matthew Costard • Spoor & Fisher Jersey 

"After seeing Tracey present at a CIPD event, we asked if she could help with our Management Development Programme. Tracey picked up on our brief very quickly and created, then delivered, a focussed, engaging session for our team of 12. The feedback was very positive and, more importantly, triggered a good level of self-analysis regarding management behaviour individually and as a team.
We have subsequently re-engaged Tracey's services for more specific in-house coaching followed by individual one 2 one sessions for each of our Management team. This was really powerful and hugely valuable for each member of the team. Enabling Managers to achieve clarity on their individual concerns and priorities as well as coaching improvement techniques is something Tracey has done really well for us.
Tracey has a pragmatic, down to earth approach but delivers high quality, professional, insightful and engaging workshops. Try her!"
                                                              Paul Kell, Group COO, Jacksons CI Ltd.

"Tracey has a disarming style that is relaxing yet completely focused upon the specific issues that I wanted to address, using open questions and honest feedback in pursuing the issue until it was resolved. Through Tracey's coaching skills and perceptive observations, I arrived at some truly remarkable insights into myself, which continue to guide the way I work, long after the programme ended. Her insights gave me the confidence to believe that what I was doing was right for me and my style. Some techniques opened my eyes in other ways that I really had not expected, with remarkable results. "   
                                 Jeremy Rothwell, Director, Palladium Trustees, Geneva  


"Having time to step back from our roles in order to see the bigger picture and plan and deliver the best services possible for the future is very much a luxury in Health.  We were determined to get the absolute most out of the little time we had available and so decided to bring Tracey on board to assist us with planning our time and efforts to ensure we optimised our review process. 

What we ended up with has been invaluable perspective and focus; with the fundamental gain of us all getting to a point of complete clarity via the shortest route possible. 

We are extremely grateful to Tracey who also acted as an inspirational and motivational speaker to our whole department.  We are now working on putting all the insight gained into current practice and future service development - a big thank you to Tracey from the entire Physiotherapy Team".  Chris Sanderson & Julia Morris - States of Jersey Physiotherapy Department.

"An extremely valuable 3 hours and an excellent workshop. Tracey has played an instrumental role in enabling the group to identify areas for optimising their performance. She helped the team to identify issues and solutions and a mechanism for realising change. Her pragmatic and focused approach has helped us move forward in a positive, cohesive manner and we are beginning to reap the rewards of her input.

My team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Tracey was superb in her delivery and bringing the ideas to life, and even the more critical members of my team have committed to exploring the concepts. Tracey's facilitation and insights into what makes us 'tick' really made the afternoon a success."   Adrian Murphy, Group  Financial Controller, Jersey Post

"Being part of a management team that had recently grown considerably, it was gratifying that our Directors invested in an afternoon out of the office so that we could explore our group dynamic and have frank discussions about motivating our teams. Tracey kept us focused, engaged (and often amused) throughout what, if we followed more traditional 'management training' could otherwise have been a long afternoon. Following this group session, which I found very enlightening, I was offered a one to one session with Tracey.

On a personal level it was so helpful to remove myself from the workplace for just an hour and speak to someone who could focus my perceived worries and help me to find positive changes by using excellent coaching techniques. Tracey was very welcoming and put me at my ease immediately, which resulted in me vocalising thoughts that were causing me concern and which I had not really acknowledged previously. Tracey guided me to reach conclusions as to how I could stop these concerns affecting my behaviour and impacting on others around me. By helping me to arrive at the positive changes I thought needed to be made, rather than simply telling me what I needed to do, Tracey enabled me to commit more fully to the process.

I left the session with a better understanding of how my behaviour can influence both my own team and other colleagues, and would recommend Tracey's coaching methods whole heartedly."       Claire Kelly, Basel Trust  

"Following on from a very successful, motivating, thought provoking and sometimes amusing afternoon's coaching session that was held recently for Basel Managers I was very keen to accept a one to one session with Tracey.

This session proved to be both refreshing and enlightening. Tracey helped me crystallise my thoughts on how my personal values are of paramount importance to me in the work place. Working with Tracey made me more aware of how "thinking outside the box" has enabled me to present various issues in a more fun way whilst still managing to get results! Tracey's positive responses have given me confidence to continue using some strategies that I was previously unsure of, and her guidance and encouragement has helped me to see more clearly how committed I am to both Basel and it's people. At the end of the session I felt that I looked at myself differently and was much happier to " trust myself and go with my instincts".             Kay Carré,  Basel Trust Corporation (C. I.)Limited.

"I contacted Tracey a number of years ago, when I was considering the options around management training for myself and my senior team. We have been working with Tracey ever since. Coaching has proven to be far more effective than traditional, classroom based learning. As a  result of our work together, I interact and communicate better with people, I make better decisions, I listen more and I look at things differently, with greater insight. Tracey has been fun to work with, is very intuative and I would certainly recommend her."
                                                Julian Box,  Calligo

"As one of the managers of the Physiotherapy Department, I'm involved in an ongoing review of our services with a view to improve the services we deliver in line with the current public demand and the challenges faced by Health and Social services.

Tracey has been a great asset in helping us to focus and clarify our ideas & priorities. She played a large part in ensuring the success of our Consensus Day and she has been a hugely motivating force for us and our staff."

                  Melissa Messervy, Physiotherapy Dept., General Hospital, Jersey

"I have benefitted from Tracey's executive coaching personally and corporately for nearly 10 years. She has worked with me and several of my senior management teams.

I can't recommend Tracey's services more highly. She has delivered significant results with my teams and with me personally. The net result isn't just great efficiency and productivity (although these have been welcome gains), crucially the net result has been more happiness.

Over the years I have recommended Tracey to many corporate clients and the feedback has always been gratitude." Phil Balderson

"It is without a doubt that my-self and the team at Bracken Barrett & Associates attribute a large proportion of our recent success in a national award to Tracey and her Executive Coaching services.

In 2010 we out grew our premises and with staff numbers growing to accommodate patients' needs, we found staff becoming unhappy with their working relationships. At this point, we engaged Tracey to assess our way of working as a team and identify areas for improvement and development.

Only through our  positive mentoring partnership with Tracey  and her expert guidance, were we at Bracken Barrett & Associates able to achieve the amazing accolade of BDA (British Dental Association) Best Practice of the Year award , Runner- up 2011.  As a national award with over 1600 practice and 24,000 dental members, this was no meager achievement." Jane Jenkins, Bracken Barrett Dental Practice

"Often, all that's needed is a bit of a discussion around why work is difficult, or distressing or stressful. Whilst that is useful, it doesn't 'take' you anywhere or help you organise what to do about it.  To this end, I found that some of the exercises and activities Tracey used in the sessions were really beneficial. I've learnt some very useful ways of tackling situations that in the past I'd have found really difficult. Questioning and wording techniques also helped me to tackle conversations in a way that doesn't further inflame an already inflamed scenario! The Post-it notes exercise about what I needed from a job, and the ¨what will happen if I do/don't and what won't happen if I do/don't¨ exercise were both extremely useful in order to put my thoughts, decision making and fears into perspective. I came out of the exercise having discussed the issues but with a meaningful output as well as just getting something off my chest.

Part of the success of coaching is down to the relationship with the coach: the freedom to explore certain scenarios and discuss them in an open and honest way has been invaluable, and really helped in some of the key areas that I wanted to tackle - self-belief, my own development and that of my team. Overall, coaching with Tracey has made me a more confident individual and therefore a better/more resourceful manager and employee. I
'm going to miss the sessions!"                      Catherine Small, Senior Marketing Manager, JerseyPost                                   

"Tracey worked with us in Switzerland and was very good. I would have her back!" Stephen Skelley, Head of PWS Europe, HSBC PB

"Tracey has bought energy and fresh thinking to our organisation and her value has been tangible in several areas.  She has provided executive coaching to several senior people who have fed-back that they value her challenge, honesty and support.  Our good people have become great through her structured coaching and each has become a champion of coaching within their respective team.  Personally I have found her a great sounding board when I am thinking through issues and solutions and together we have designed additional interventions such as workshops, which have been effective and really well received.  She has an army of fans within our organisation!"       Anna Ruewell, HR Business Partner, HSBC PB CI
"Working with Tracey was excellent and very motivating!" Thomas Frey, Head of
GuyerzellerTrust, Zurich, Switzerland
"Tracey has a great knowledge of her subject and understanding of people's challenges. She enables them to develop a tool-kit to meet those challenges. Coaching with her has been enlightening!" Paul Alker, Business Development, HSBC PB

"Tracey has helped me in a number of ways over recent years. In my opinion, she is everything an executive coach should be, and I never hesitate to recommend her."       Kevin Keen. 

"Coaching with Tracey has been brilliant!" Tim le Gallais, Director, F. le Gallais and Sons Ltd. 

"This coaching has come up at exactly the right time and has helped me to focus on what I believe should be the important issues. It has provided me with confidence when needed, covered areas that gave me guidance (even if not always in a format that was within my comfort zone!) and has given me a platform to discuss subjects outside of a work environment. All in all, it has been really, really helpful. Thank you, Tracey!" Simon Murtagh, Snr RM, HSBC PB

"The workshop was a really useful experience and I shall use the 2 models Tracey showed us, to clarify where I am going in my life." Martha Bernstein

"The Life Audit exercise was fascinating and has encouraged me to focus on areas where I lack direction."      Christine Whitfield
"Coaching with Tracey has been invaluable. Not only has it greatly improved my work but has also helped on a personal level too - it's changed my life." Susanne Lowman, Design and Marketing Manager, Philatelic, Jersey Post 

"I had no real idea what to expect from my time with Tracey. However, I found her coaching style to be relaxed and informal on the surface, yet she managed to really probe with some very insightful questions and some real life examples. I came out of this feeling that Tracey provided me with a much clearer sense of self awareness and understanding of how people might respond to my actions and communications - she doesn't so much give advice as enable you to come up with the answers yourself. I feel the whole process with Tracey was extremely valuable and would highly recommend her."                         Derek Fage, Technical Director, Foreshore

"The Directors at iConsult were very new to running a business when we began our coaching with Tracey. The whole process has been invaluable in helping to build our skill set in a broad range of areas including the management and motivation of our teams, our strategic planning and the improvement in our day to day ability to run our business. Tracey is a great listener and has the ability to hold up a mirror in order for her clients to make real improvements. After seeing the benefits of the coaching process with Tracey we are planning to make this process integral to all staff development at all levels of our business."  Dan Cattermole MCSE MC, Director, iConsult

"4 hours' discussion with Tracey has been quantifiably beneficial.  Her measured, structured approach gave us the benchmark for improvement at the outset, and the improvement in me is tangible.  It is one of those experiences that I actually only recognised I have benefitted from when I stopped to reflect on what had been achieved - not just over the few weeks' duration of our meetings, but in my perspective on work and lifestyle priorities.  I distinctly remember trying to express at outset how I felt that I was working harder than anybody else, yet only achieving the same or poorer results; my perspective has changed as a direct result of our reflections on my behaviours and attitude.
My only reservation at outset was that the process might be intrusive; it was not.  In fact, its arms-length objectivity is helpful in a way that I could not have experienced at work, with family or among friends.  I now recognise how easy it is to be distracted by specific, short-term issues and so lose sight of the bigger picture, and I am much happier about my past performance and, more importantly, the outlook as a direct result of talking and listening to Tracey.  One of the most memorable pieces of advice was to "stop beating yourself up!"!  I reflect on that frequently, and heed the advice.  I can be a good Dad and Husband and a successful Client Adviser, all at the same time.

I shall be encouraging my colleagues at UBS - regardless of their seniority - to do the same.  After all, true holistic "coaching" for many Managers in large organisations is just a small part of their role and in 24 years of my working life I've yet to meet one who does it well!  You're never too old, experienced or too senior in the hierarchy to learn more about yourself. " Paul Raphael, Senior Client Advisor, UBS

"Tracey provided me and my team with an independent ear to air issues which could be difficult to discuss within the employee/boss relationship. Coaching also enabled me to identify my development needs and devise an action plan to improve my performance at work. Tracey helped me realize how important it is to adapt my management style to get the best out of each member of my team."  Kevin Keen, MD, Jersey Dairy

"On the surface, our coaching discussions are relaxed and jovial, but Tracey always pushes for something! It is always a challenging conversation!" Senior Manager, CI Traders

" I can honestly say that the strategies and techniques Tracey has taught me to use in various situations have completely changed my whole view and approach to work, and life in general. Her methods are very clear, and the way she relates the models to your own personal experiences makes them very easy to implement. I would also say that Tracey's enthusiasm to help you achieve your goals is a huge part of the success of her coaching"  Matt Carr, Manager, Jersey Post Logistics

"Tracey worked with one of our Directors who was under a lot of stress. She turned him around completely, to an extent beyond our expectations! We're delighted!" Mike Hocquard, Pentagon

"Coaching has most definitely been a good investment. I'm changing my working habits, and now use specific techniques to improve my performance. I've also reassessed how I manage my team, which is already having positive results. Tracey's coaching has been invaluable…."  Senior Manager, Mourant

"In my role as manager of a technical team, Tracey really helped me with my communication skills. Using her specialised coaching techniques, I found a new sense of confidence which I could use both with clients and colleagues. Tracey is a fantastic listener. She always has really useful tools and offers great gems of advice, where appropriate. I'd certainly recommend her to anyone who feels pressure, within the hectic nature of the business world." Gilly Challinor, Operations Manager, Webreality

"The coaching discussions with Tracey have been really useful. She has an ability to put you at ease, but challenge you too. I would have no hesitation in recommending her." Manager, Jersey Post Logistics

"The investment in coaching with Tracey has definitely been worthwhile. The company is getting far better value for my services (I am contributing to the running of the unit in a positive way and am able to make positive contributions that are well received. I also feel I am able to push harder for things for myself and the team). I have really valued the ability to have confidential and open discussions and to receive constructive feedback, that at times challenged my way of thinking."  Michael McNally, Senior Manager, J Commerce

"I just wanted to say that, almost 2 years since working with you, I am still using the tools and techniques you taught me. I have had a difficult time recently, but have come through it and am still smiling. Thank you. Karen Gale, Director

"Tracey has inspired us individually and as a team.Through individual and team coaching , she has given us the confidence to really believe we can fulfil our true potential." Eileen Crabb , Head of Pinewood Residential Home

"Having run my own company for 4 years, Tracey gave me the confidence to set important priorities on both a personal and professional level, bringing about a clearer and more confident vision of myself and my role as an employer." GB, Company Director

"I've just had my appraisal and my Manager is delighted with the improvements in my oral and written communication. She cannot believe the "complete transformation" and is really pleased with me! Thank you Tracey!" M. D. Accountant

"Working 70 hours a week, and being married with 3 children meant that I was struggling to achieve a happy balance in my life. Even after the first few sessions with Tracey, I was more organised, less stressed and happier in all areas of my life. I would definitely recommend her!" Warren Johnson, Manager of Fitness First

"Tracey has allowed me to question how I operate, and she has definitely challenged my assumptions. She is highly intuitive, and I found working with her quite an experience! As a result, I feel enriched and highly motivated."  Senior Manager, Mourant